CWT 6 / CWT 6X / CWT 6XT

CWT 6 / CWT 6X / CWT 6XT are state of the high end ceiling / flush speaker system best suited for Malls, Restaurants, Offices and work place, Central Home audio, Home theater surround sound applications, PA applications etc.
Some unique features : .

  • High performance KAPTON coil for efficient heat management. .
  • Installation friendly, easy to mount rugged clip system.
  • Strontium ferrite core magnet for strong field generation.
  • Available in both LMT and without LMT.
  • Excellent audio delivery even at very low volumes.
  • CWT6X/CWT6XT- 2-way design with Peizotech Tweeter with patented crossover for crisp sound and very good low frequency handling via 6” woofer. .
  • CWT 6 – Dual cone speaker for wonderful vocal sound for BGM/PA application.

Mounting and finish: .

  • In-Ceiling/ flush design with paintable matt white finish ABS outer ring.
  • Outer Dia = 8” / Cutout Dia = 7” .Installation friendly, easy to mount rugged clip system.
  • Screw down strip with crimp thimbles for trouble free connections