Mosgate cables

MOSGATE High performance Audio Cable details below:

  • 2 Core
  • 4 Core
  • 5 Core

Wiring is the nerve center of any complex audio setup . Good wiring ensures that all efforts taken from pickup to amplification stage, are delivered sincerely to the speaker system, to be finally delivered to the listener.
A lot of E.M.F, R.F . and Static follow ups are created in complex wiring network due to heavy electrical signals flowing up and down. The audio frequencies therefore interfere with the 50Hz volt lines.
Thus, good care must be taken to lay down heavy and well shielded wires and use trustworthy interconnects. As a result, frequency losses are substantially minimized.
Moreover a good wiring layout helps the engineer to undertake effective Pink Noise calibration and helps fine tune the venue acoustics, precisely and to desired parameters.
MOSGATE has designed, performance specific low noise oxygen free Teflon covered audio feed cables for faithful transmission of linear audio signals.
Audio feed cables available in 2core/ 4 core/ 5core/ 6 core roles, for designated usages / multi Zone networking.


Core specs include:

  •  Heavy gauge vacuum impregnated virgin copper strands with minimized doping.
  •  Teflon shielding to prevent E.M.F. & R.F. field generation, and prevents internal
  •  Color coding for differential polarity recognition.
  •  Heavy gauge strands offer negligible low linear and frequency drops.
  •  Strand strength available from 1.25mm to 4mm.