LA 215 & TRX 15D

LA 215 & TRX 15D are a versatile best suited for Theaters, Auditorium, Configuration:

  • LF – 2 x High powered 15” full range drivers with 4” VC hermetic copper coil with in/out winding. Each 15” driver handles 600/700 watts (nominal) rms. Frequency Response set thru patented passive cross over at 60Cycles to 8
  • HF – 2” throated Flair with Titanium compression driver. Power Handling of HF is 150 watts rms. Cut off frequency: 1KC and performs up to 20KCAll that can be finally said about LA 215 & TRAX 15D, package at its unbelievable price.
    versatile range of high end full response speaker system Auditorium, DJ set-ups, PA applications etc.


  • Dimensions:
    TRX 15D
    H= 48” W= 22” D= 18”
  • Power Handling:
    1200 watts RMS
    Max SPL 102db
  • LA215 
    H= 48” W= 24” D= 20”
  • Power Handling:
    1400 watts RMS
    Max SPL 106db

Cabinet Finish:

  • Available in PU Textured/plain
  • paint for touring friendly rugged finish
  • Front grille is perforated mesh covered with black acoustic foam inside mesh in TRX 15D and outside
    in LA 215 to provide it a very tender and soft frontal look.
  • The Above models are available in customized version as well with suffix ‘X’ added to its model name.
  • All that can be finally said about LA 215 & TRAX 15D, is that it is an amazingly powerful and intelligent
    package at its unbelievable price.